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Our clients include successful businessmen, industrialists, professionals and senior executives. Here's what a couple of them have to say :

I am associated with Kevian Associates since last six months for financial advise about investment and growth of my wealth. I am really impressed with the team’s sincere efforts and expertise to help growing my Family's money. The team has thorough knowledge about all aspects of investment. I wish the entire team a great success!
Dr. Ramakant H. Bembde
M.S.,M.Ch.,D.N.B.,MNAMS (Plastic Surgery) Ex-Research Fellow (Tata Mem.Hospital)
Bembde Hospital

I have been taking advice from Kevian Associates since last 4 years, right after I started earning. Team has always told me to "invest" rather than just save and it has paid off. This advice comes from someone who understands how today's young generation thinks and works. The habit of investing in safe options with good returns definitely comes on handy in today's world where one has so many temptations to spend on things which you don't need. I would recommend Kevian Associates to each and every one of you who plan to start early savings and reap benefits. You will be assured of timely reminders about payments due in addition to information about most suitable schemes.
Keep Calm and let Kevian Associates handle investements for you :)
Software Professional, Pune