Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of identifying, planning and meeting financial goals of an individual or family. While preparing your financial plan, we take into account external factors like nominal returns, real returns (after inflation) and taxes. This planning helps in understanding:

  1. your current financial situation (where you are today?)

  2. your vision of your future financial situation (where you aspire to be?)

We help you identify any gaps in achieving your vision, and provide solutions to bridge that gap, so that you can live a financially secure life.

Tax Planning

Taxes can eat into a substantial portion of your returns, without you realizing it. We advise you on investing in products which give you better post-tax returns. We provide you with investment statements which contain relevant details for filing your tax returns, saving you precious time and efforts during the filing of your tax returns.

Risk Management

There are risks which are unavoidable, hence managing these risks becomes very important. A sudden loss of the earning member can impact the family, both emotionally and financially. Similarly, a sudden hospitalization can dent your finances severely. We advise on protecting your life and your health.

Wealth Creation

We advise on creating wealth over long term to meet various financial goals in your life like buying your dream house, child’s education, child’s marriage, vacations and retirement. Albert Einstein mentions “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.”